My name is Goran Mržljak, I'm a software developer from Croatia. Professionally, I'm mostly doing C# desktop development (5 years of experience), and as a hobby I try to make Android games.
I graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2008.

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Contact:    goran.mrzljak@gmail.com

Symbol Jump

Vertical platform jumping game. It has a simple black and white graphics theme, and many graphic elements resemble some kind of symbols, so I unimaginatively named the game 'Symbol Jump'. It was written in Java with the help of libGDX . It can run on Android and uses accelerometer to control the game character.

It is very similar to Hell Hopper but it has much more interesting and more difficult gameplay. There are more platform types, the 'rise' is more thought out and tested, the game features coins and upgrades and is in general a huge improvement over the aforementioned game.